Water Treatment Service Agreement

Reynolds Culligan strives to maintain your equipment with the utmost efficiency and that`s why we offer tailored service agreements that meet your needs. Based on your level of water treatment investment, Culligan provides a detailed plan to regularly service and maintain your culligan water treatment facilities. We optimize your system`s performance with monthly and/or quarterly checkups. 1. sampling (weekly) (monthly) of water in systems, where necessary subject to this service agreement; The Servicer reserves all intellectual property rights, including copyrights and patents it holds on all drawings and data or any other service provided or developed under this Agreement, subject to the Customer`s right to use these drawings and data at no additional cost for its own use. No materials, documents, plans, articles, information, data, data compilations, prototypes, reports, speeches, slides, videotapes, images, audio, artistic works, computer programs, all paternity works or any other object prepared by the Servicer on behalf of the client are considered “works for rent” within the meaning of the Copyright Act 1976 (17 Us.C 100 and following). 6. Water treatment and filtration services sometimes rely on external laboratories to perform water analysis for their clients` water. Laboratories may (rarely) provide inaccurate results or conclusions that lead the water treatment or maintenance company to prefer adaptations that result in errors in the treatment or installation of the system. The customer and the laboratory will hold the packaging or maintenance company responsible for any problems, as this is an easy outcome.

We always ask our policyholders and others in the water treatment and water filtration sector to do business through a written agreement. We have been asked several times to provide a standard language for the use of such agreements. The standard language of agreement is part of this risk management article. This is not for everyone because there are several exhibits in water treatment and filtration stores. Over the years, we have identified several areas of responsibility for these companies. 2. notify the service of any changes in the customer`s water consumption or water supply that could affect the quality or quantity of water used in the various devices installed by the supplier for the customer`s use. The Serviceer undertakes to provide the customer with the following goods and services: This contract cannot be transferable without the signed agreement of the two contracting parties for the electricity supply (rate increases terminate the balance of the contract).

In most contracts, the operator will get his own electricity system – an important issue, because electricity is one of the biggest costs for operating a water system. Our team of Culligan water technicians measure, record and report the consistency and purity of your system`s water to ensure that your equipment produces the water you expect and need to run your business. Contact our team today to learn more about our water treatment solutions and how they can benefit your business. Exploiting to exploit, manage and maintain municipal water resources (raw and drinking) – some of the sewer assets. Through WaterColor Management was originally organized in 1986 in response to the insurance industry`s response to the tragedies of Love Canal, NY and Bhopal in India. Any plant that treated water was considered hazardous by the industry, even though it used only salt as a chemical to treat water. As a result, a group of water treatment companies and the previous owner of WaterColor decided to create an offshore insurance company to cover the risks of water treatment companies.